Secret Information

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There is something very serious we are talking about here. The two detectives Maria and Tyler, together with their team, are on their way to reveal something big, something that involves many important people. At the moment, they are visiting the apartment of mister Jack, who ended up in custody.He is accused of organizing and planning assassinations of famous politicians. The detectives will explore the whole place, looking for some answers about the situation. They would like to find out the motives of mister Jack, to find out who are the other persons involved in this organization, so they could predict and stop any possible assassinations of some politicians.We can take part in this case by helping the who detectives find out more evidences, so they can solve this case before it’s too late. As you may notice, the situation is very serious so let’s search around and find out what is hiding in mister Jack’s apartment. We are about to reveal something big, so let’s search very carefully.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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