The Royal Rings

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When a wedding happens in some royal family, than everyone is excited. From the lowest instance to her Highness, everyone is included to create the magic of that perfect day. The world is ready to see it all, to enjoy their party.And if you want everything to be simply perfect, each detail should be thought off. That perfection we are admiring on the TV\'s doesn\'t come from one day organization and planing. Actually, it is great team work of hundreds of people involved.Dorothy is the main assistant of the Queen. In exactly one week a big wedding is being planned in the royal prince Andrew. He is going to marry the princess Carol. The Queen wants to give her one of her rings of the future princess, but her rings are situated in the queen\'s castle. It is Dorothy\'s task now to find all the six rings of the queen. Now, Dorothy has a big task, a great mission to fulfill. If she makes the Queen the happiest person ever, than the mission will be completed. Now, good luck and go for it, it is the helping time.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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