Hostile Hospital

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We can never predict where can paranormal appear. It is about a world that is completely different from ours, so there are different rules running there... And maybe we consider hospitals as safe places, places where we go to do something about our health but sometimes strange things happen, even there.Emily and Timothy have one of those professors that are considered to be not that usual. Yes, we are talking exactly about those paranormal events that usually happen when we don’t expect.Emily and Timothy, together with their friends, arrive at the hospital where something strange was happening lately. Few times this month, were noticed paranormal things that start happening when everyone in the hospital sleeps and that has been reported.Our team of brave experts in paranormal activities has a task to find out what is actually happening in the hospital late at night. Are they able to find a solution for this particular case? We are about to find out, but also we can help them in their mission, so let’s give a try.

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