Lighthouse Legend

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Lighthouses usually seem like mysterious places, right? Thye stands alone just like that, near the sea, and give some strange signs to the sailors, signs that can seem scary for the regular people, the ones that don\'t understand them. Then those stories about the people who work on lighthouses, or in the movies are described as introverted persons who live there and they are not that polite and nice to some sudden passengers who have lost their way... Donna, Kevin, and Amanda are three adventurers who arrive at the lighthouse that is a subject of a very famous legend. Namely, the lights of the lighthouse are not only for giving directions to the boats. They are also here to drive away the creatures that live in the sea and attack always when it is dark. The three adventurers are very curious to find out the truth about this legend. Is this story true or it\'s just an urban myth that is narrated in this territory since the old days?The three adventurers have enough courage to explore the lighthouse but let\'s help them.

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