Garden Mysteries

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Laura and Jacob work in the garden. They love Botanics so spending their time in natural surroundings makes them very happy. They also love to take care of the garden products and they do that very carefully, with a lot of attention and love. But this morning the things were not as they expected. They know how did they leave the garden, but now they notice something different. What is it about? The two gardeners Laura, Jacob, and their friend the photograph Sharon are surprised by the condition of the garden. They find out few footprints on the floor. Very soon they realize that those footprints are now theirs, so they start wondering who was here during the night. What was he doing when there was none around?! Let\'s search around together and find out what has happened in the garden last night. This mystery needs to be solved, so let\'s follow the traces and see what happened there. Is it about a regular thief or it\'s someone they know? We are about to find out very soon.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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