Perfect Chemistry

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Perfect chemistry is something that every couple wishes to have. Communication and understanding is important but the perfect chemistry is that one ingredient that makes things perfect. People like each other but when they have that special chemistry, things go even smoother since that is that desired combination between the physical and the psychic connection.Everything leads to the conclusion that Lori and David have that special ingredient in their relationship and they will have a very nice future together. They are together for a certain period of time and for now everything is just perfect. However, Lori is very happy because her relationship with David has moved into a higher level. Namely, David has proposed to Lori to move into his apartment so they could start a life together. That means a lot and the both of them are really happy about this new level of their relationship.The thing that has made her even happier is the fact that he has let her rearrange the place completely. David leaves her to rearrange the apartment as she thinks it would be best, applying her own style in the process of decorating. Lori knows that she and David understand each other really good and there is a perfect chemistry between them. She started decorating their new home, being sure that David would love it too.

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