Fabio the Chef

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Cooking chief is one of the best paid jobs in the world. The reason for that is simple – people love good food and here is the poor fact why – everyone eats. However, sometimes it is hard for the ones that know how to cook good to be good managers. When they decide to open their own restaurant, sometimes they successes in that but sometimes that is the end of their career.Fabio is one of the most famous cooking chiefs in the country. However, he manages to balance the both things – cooking and managing and that\'s why he has decided to go a step further this time. After having a very successful career so far, he decides to open a new restaurant where he will cook his old famous recipes, but also he plans to include some new specialties, believing that his new fans will love them.Today is actually the big day for Fabio. He opens the new restaurant today so he likes to surprise the visitors of his restaurant with a completely new specialty. However, every cooking chief has his assistants that help him make everything perfect. This time Fabio needs some help from his assistants who have a task to find the needed ingredients for his specialty. Let\'s take a look around together and see what is missing so we could speed up the process of preparing and making the actual recipe.

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