The Mystery of Greenhill

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The gnome Ronald and the fairy Elly live in the village of Greenhill. They were absent from their village for some time, and when they came back, they realized that something strange had happened there. The two of them noticed that all of the people who lived in the village of Greenhill have disappeared. All the neighbors and relatives are missing and it seems like they have left the place without leaving signs of leaving. It looks like they must have magically disappeared. Ronald and Elly are confused about the whole situation. They can\'t even guess what could have happened, but it surely was something really threatening that made those people leave their homes. Homes are the places where we keep everything important to us, and leaving, just like that, is very unusual for anyone.However, since the situation is that serious, it\'s up to Ronald and Elly to find a way to find and bring back the ones that are missing. That way, they will also discover why all of them left.

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