The Nautilus Expedition

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Big minds think in advance, have the power to anticipate moments and trends in the future. They dream big and act that way. Not few examples in the world history show that literature, movie art very often can anticipate things. At the moment when they appear they seem funny, unreal, too fantastic, but some time later, they appear to be true.If there is a child that hasn\'t read \'20.000 Leagues Under the Sea\', that child has missed a lot! And his/hers parents as well. The book that puts you deeply in the sea in never ending adventure. It is a classic book and the French author was one of those progressive smart men that could anticipate things. Our hero of the day has been very much inspired by this anthological science fiction book. Diane is on her way to realize her biggest dream. Since she was a little girl, at 9 or 10, she read the fantastic Jules Verne novel \'20.000 Leagues Under the Sea\'. She knew since then that that book is going to change her life somehow and give her new dimension and views. She has read the book more then ten times and each time, she finds another interesting aspect she hasn\'t noticed before.Since the first reading, she had the big dream to navigate the Nautilus Submarine. After long years of investigating and investing in her self and the knowledge, she succeeded to create her submarine Nautilus, exactly the same as described in the book. Now for the first time she goes deeply in the sea with Nautilus and is completely prepared to explore the underwater world. What a nice challenge for you. Go deep in the sea and have fun!

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