Nostalgic Makeover

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Going back to the past can be interesting sometimes, especially when we make the most of it, not when we\'re desperate to escape our present. There is a special magic in those places where we spent our youth. No matter how hard we try to believe that those days are behind us, if we look at things with our heart, not our mind, we can easily get that wonderful feeling back. Maybe the rest of the things aren\'t the same anymore, but the feeling is there.There is a café where Karen has spent many beautiful days with her friends. It is her favorite café from her youth, a place where friends shared countless wonderful moments. Karen is determined to renovate this café and get it up and running again. She bought the café and plans to give it a complete makeover, bringing it back to its former glory.Let\'s see what the café where Karen spent the best moments of her youth looks like and help her in renovating this beautiful place. Let\'s make a successful makeover of this café, guided by the feeling of nostalgia.

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