Mysteries of the Deep

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No one could know what can be found deep in the seas all around the world. Maybe we know about boat accidents from the close past but there are so many remains coming from many years ago, buried in the sand, that are so deep that there are not that many people which are interested in exploring them.Tina loves exploring unknown underwater places. For some people this Tina\'s hobby is completely unthinkable but she simply gets her energy from that since diving is something that gives her a lot of energy. This time Tina discovers a sunken boat near that comes from the time of the pirates, near the Berst island. Once she saw this this boat, she decided that it is something that needs to be explored right away, in order to discover what is hiding there, so she plunged into the water of the sea and started exploring the boat.In this pirate boat Tina found out a lot valuable objects but she also noticed that there are some royal objects there. Actually there are 6 objects that once belonged to the king of England. It was believed that they have disappeared somehow and no one believed that they could be found once again. However, Tina is assured that those are the belongings of the great king and she likes to find them all. Let\'s work with Tina and look for those royal objects and find out who was their owner but also to find out their real value.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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