Treasure Lake

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The term gold digging usually refers to someone who is obsessed by gold or more precisely, the idea of getting rich. However, back in the middle of the 19th century, here was a real gold fever. Namely, after the discovery of a huge amount of old in Coloma, California about 300,000 people from the rest of the United States and abroad came to California hoping that they will get a treasure and improve their lives. And supposedly, many of them managed to do that, but did they leave any gold after they left the place?!Norma, Rita and Roy are adventurists that searching for legends about treasure, discovered a small abandoned village positioned on the hidden side of the mountain. On this place, in the time of the golden fever, few gold seekers were settled and lived there for a certain period of time. Those people had suddenly discovered a hidden place where the river and the lake are full of old. They stayed here and supposedly got rich from their discovery. Besides the found gold, on this place were hidden other valuable objects as well, in and around the lake.Our heroes are here, at the treasure lake, willing to find the valuable objects that have been left many years ago. They are prepared to explore the whole place, without having any fear, and find something from this treasure. Let\'s look around together and find those hidden objects and treasure, if there is still any left to be found.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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