Hidden Laboratory

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Pharmacy is a field that is really developed these days. Thanks to its benefits, the length of human life is extended and we have a chance to live healthier lives, better lives. But on the other hand, some companies take advantage of people\'s trust in the pharmacy. They place people drugs that are not sufficiently tested or that are even harmful to human health, promising them incredible benefits.The detectives Adam and Kelly work on discovering the manufacturer of the illegal drug that has appeared on the market and which is really harmful to human health. The detectives find out that there is a hidden laboratory in one abandoned warehouse and they believe that this is the place where this drug is produced. They start the investigation from here, looking for traces in this hidden laboratory. They believe that they will find enough evidence that will direct them to something important, hoping that they will solve this case as soon as possible.Let\'s help the detectives find what they are looking for.

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