Missing Persons

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The two detectives, Thomas and Michelle, received a call about a new case that needed to be solved. Namely, a group of mountain climbers was spending their time in the mountains, climbing and enjoying the fresh air, when they noticed something unusual. They found a damaged vehicle near one of the mountain houses. It looked very suspicious to them, so they reported the case to the police, hoping they could do something more about the situation. The detectives, together with their team, got to the place and started their investigation right away. Very soon, they realized that there was no one in the vehicle or near the place. They started looking for the people who were in the vehicle, hoping they would be in a good condition. The case is taken as a case of missing persons, and the investigation will start right away. You realize this will be a complicated case, so our team of professionals will use our help. Let\'s check out the crime scene and see what we can find there.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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