Gold in the Sand

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The three friends Alice, Madison, and Julia were very happy when they were planning their summer holiday. They have chosen to visit a very exotic place this year - the tropical island Kalola. They have never been to a place like this so they are very excited about the whole thing. At the moment, they are on this island, having a great time together. Besides that, they have heard a story from a local citizen of the island. It is about a story that stayed in their heads, wondering if it is true or not.Namely, the local citizen has told them that there are pieces of a lost treasure that belonged to the captain of the pirates, Willie. Until now, no one could find the treasure that is supposedly buried in the sand. The three girls like to relax on the beach but at the same time, they like to search for the treasure. Let\'s see what will happen in this tropical adventure. Will Alice, Madison, and Julia be the ones that will find the lost treasure, or is it simply about a local legend?!

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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