Woodland Wonders

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In the world of the wizards, there are different rules than those that rule in our world, everything there is based on different principles. As much as we are rational, they face magic and unusual things every day. Therefore, we may know something about them, but we certainly cannot know everything, so today\'s game will reveal to us many things that we are facing for the first time. But let\'s start this fairytale game from the beginning. The sorcerer Adam and his daughter Julie are looking for the medicinal plants that the sorcerer needs to make his sorcerer potion. Yes, he is a wizard and these kinds of potions are his daily routine and the same for his daughter. They, together with their friends, delve deep into the forest where there is a house where wizard Aaron used to live. It is for sure that he was also interested in these things, so the necessary ingredients will likely be found in this house. Adam and Julie hope that they will be able to find all the necessary ingredients for the special dish. They are here with their friends, but we can help them in their search.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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