Team of Professionals

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Nerton was known as a quiet place where everyone was feeling safe because everything was in a perfect order there. people were happy and were not concerned that anything unwanted could happen to them because the rate of criminal was simply minor. However, the last year, things went into completely different direction. It\'s not just an ordinary criminal that made upset the citizens of Nerton but a series of murders.Those murders became more often the last year so the people started living in continuous fear because they still don\'t know who is actually responsible for those murders. The two detectives and partners, Lisa and Mark, came together with their team in the small city Nerton. Once they started their investigation, Lisa and Mark begin to suspect that it is about a serial murderer.That is somehow logic, according to the traces that the murderer leaves behind him and of course, having in mind how often those murders happened. The team of professionals will start their search at the moment, so let\'s hope that there won\'t be any murder again.

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