Wizards Rules

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Hm, each one of us wants to get what he\'s always wished as soon as possible, or if it\'s possible, to get it right away! But on other hand, we also know that it is not likely for any success to happen all of a sudden. We have to play by certain rules which usually include being persistent in our intentions and only the hard work, together with our persistence and of course, some luck, could lead us to fulfilled wish.And people have different wishes and desires in life and the greatest wish of the people who come to the land of the wizard Ganon is getting some treasure. Every day this place is visited by many gold diggers and yes, there is so much treasure here, but that doesn\'t mean that the wizard gives it just like that.Ganon has certain rules that need to be respected if you like some of his treasure. Namely, the wizard gives few riddles that need to be solved and that is the condition for getting the treasure. If you like to try your luck as well, check out those riddles and make sure you solve them all.

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