The Fortune Island

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Pirates are always interesting people for a game to be created. Those men who are difficult to be understood for their way of living and philosophy, are actual criminals. They spend days and days on ships trying to rob wealthy people and no one can do them harm. And among them there are those who want to be louder and richer than the others.Such person we find in today game. That is to say, actually one pirate lady wants to cheat on all the others from the gang and find a great fortune before them. She would do anything to be closer to the wealth before everyone else.Elma is one of the members of the company of pirates that has one goal and that is to find The Fortune Island. It seems like Elma is the happiest of them, because she is the first to find this island. It is the island where two royal ships have been taken away and they were full of expensive and worthy things.Now, Elma wants to be the first to look around the terrain and to try to find the wealthy things before she announce the news to the other members of the company. So, come on the pirate\'s boat and start the adventure! It is going to be fun!

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