Fairy Powers

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There are numerous stories about fairies but we are sure that most of us, maybe all of us, could not say that know something about fairies, except those stories. Here we will meet a fairy in personal and we will learn something more about the way how her powers function.Lisa is a fairy, so you may imagine how extraordinary life she has. Everything around Lisa is about magic, so everything she does is related to her special powers. However, in order to keep her powers, Lisa has to do certain things. She needs certain objects as well so at the moment this sweet fairy arrives in the magical castle. Lisa believes that this castle is the place where she will find many precious and valuable objects that are needed for her powers. You may think that fairies are so powerful and they don\'t need any help but still, it would be nice if we help Lisa in her tour through the castle. We will search together with her and learn which are the objects needed for magic and for keeping the fairy\'s powers. Let\'s start right away and enjoy this fairy adventure.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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