Land of Darkness

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There are many different mythical creatures that have different powers. We can’t know much about them, if we are not interested about this topic, but this game will give us a small preview about it.Now, meet these special creatures. It is about Grontaswho is half Capricorn, half man while Lalea is a sorceress with huge power. They come into the land of dark and here, they have to fight with Bolran, the prince of darkness. Lily believes that her powers are big and together with grants they could beat the dark forces. But still, to become even more powerful, they have to make weaker the powers of Bolran and for that reason, they have to find the objects that are necessary for that purpose.Let’s see how will this interesting battle end up and let’s help Grontas and Lalea in their mission. Search for the needed objects together with them and see how will this saga end up. This will be a very interesting battle and a unique visit to the Land of darkness, something we have never seen before, so let’s play together.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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