Visiting the Big Apple

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Which is the city that everyone knows? Maybe not everyone has seen in live, but on movies, we are sure! The streets of New York City are the most filmed, depicted in Hollywood movies. The Big apple is the center of the world, no matter how you would take it. It is the center of a lot of industries, music, film, art, business, communication. All kinds of religions, professions, people in a hurry, people happy for some success, unfortunately and homeless people. That is the reality of the big cities - they bring everything!Frank Sinatra sang - If I can make it there, I\'ll make it anywhere, and the story still goes the same. Everyone who dreams, dreams of being someone in New York City.Tourists are welcomed from all over the world. The girl named Francesca is an Italian tourist in the USA. She went to NYC, and wants to explore it. As she explores the town, she solves interesting riddles about NYC. For a week-end game, we believe you would like to go for a nice walk in the heart of America, the Big Apple that everyone desires to have and go!

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