The Fearless Explorers

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Kyle and Lilly are husband and wife, but they are very specific couple, that is for sure. The both of them adore exploring unknown places, places that haven’t been found ever before. But they are not fascinated just by finding new places, but also by finding hidden treasures. That is something that raises their adrenaline and something they like doing so much.As a matter of fact, Kyle and Lilly met that way. They were on a same expedition when they first met and the same interest made them fall in love in each other very easily. On their last expedition Kyle and Lilly heard stories about this one particular place that supposedly is very, very beautiful. There is also a story about that place, about a hidden cave deep in the woods.This cave hides gold but even though the woods was visited by many people, no one could find the cave so far, neither the gold. Everyone that visited the place, left it with a great disappointment. But Kyle and Lilly came here well prepared. They have a map that should lead them to the cave where they should search for the gold.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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