Self Playing Piano

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Steven and Linda are real experts for paranormal phenomena. This is a little bit strange field of interest that makes a lot of people scared, but those two brave persons are actually thrilled by the idea of getting to know something that is hidden behind the obvious. You can\'t even imagine how many different places Steven and Linda have visited and what they have seen so far, but those things motivate them even more. When other people are confused or can\'t make a move feeling frightened, our experts step out and take the challenge.This time the experts for paranormal phenomena have a new task in front of them. They come into one old abandoned piano factory. This factory doesn\'t work for many years, but the reason why they have come here is the constant sound of the piano that can be heard in the factory. Steven and Linda would like to find out what is it about. Is it about ghosts or something completely different?Let\'s take part in this interesting adventure and help our experts find out the truth about this piano factory.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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