Tasty Tradition

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While some people try to maintain the traditions typical for their nation, for their ancestors, the habits and the way of life that was typical for their grand grandfathers, other people are more into globalizations and even erasing the traditions in order to make a unified world. And what is better?Tasty TraditionIt seems that the right answer can\'t be found because everyone has a right of his/her own opinion, even though that opinion doesn\'t have to be right...And while some people search for something new by exploring, mixing things or trying to invent something, Rachel is a real proponent of the tradition. At least it is like that when it comes about her profession. Rachel is a very experienced cooker that simply adores cooking.Tasty TraditionShe likes to keep to the tradition and gives an effort certain old recipes to stay in people\'s memory, without being forgotten or modified into something that will make them unrecognizable. Today Rachel remembers an old recipe that she hasn\'t made for many years. She will need your help for preparing this traditional recipe.

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