Burning Mysteries

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Being a firefighter is one of the noblest professions. It gives a feeling of superiority - the moment you have the power to react in situations where almost no one else can, and of course, to save human lives. And that\'s exactly why it comes naturally to us to believe that firefighters are very humane and honest people since not everyone is willing to risk their own lives to save unfamiliar people. But in our case, it seems that morality cannot always be connected with firefighters. Namely, firefighter David, one of the members of the fire crew in the city, suspects that one of his colleagues in the same department tried to steal important evidence from the house that was burned last night. David believes that he will find the evidence and prove that one of the firefighters deliberately hid the evidence found in the house. Let\'s see what it\'s all about and do everything to find the hidden evidence. Sometimes, justice needs to be done when it comes to those who are considered our superheroes as well.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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