Scary Farm

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Today, perhaps there are not many professions like this one, so Nicholas is rather unique because he is a lost treasure hunter. That is not a regular job, that is for sure since he investigates the clues left by ancient civilizations, and then goes in search of long-lost riches. There is actually an incomplete list of notable treasures, coming from different ages, that are currently lost or missing. Some of them are real, while the existence of some of these treasures is mythical or disputed. The lost treasure hunters go after those treasures and if they find them, they will gain a fortune.Nicholas is very experienced in what he is doing. He knows where to go and he recognizes if it is about a real hidden treasure, or it\'s just a myth. Now he has found out that there is a lost treasure in the abandoned farm that is located near to his village. Even though the farm looks rather scary, Nicholas is determined to visit it and to find the valuable diamonds that are hidden there.

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