Buried Mystery

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Usually the detectives and the police officers work on current cases, something that has happen today and try to solve that case as soon as possible. However, sometimes it happens a certain case to stay open for a longer period of time, even for many years. The authorities simply can\'t do anything at the moment so they wait for better times, when they will manage to find all the pieces of the mosaic and collect all the needed evidences.There was a case in the office when the two detectives - Thomas and Amanda work, that stayed open for 20 whole years. It was about a murder and the killer never was found. Now, after 20 years without any progress, Thomas and Amanda decide to find out the truth about this old case.Thomas always thought that there were still open options for more research about the case and now he, together with Amanda, will try their best to solve the case finally. They have notices something about the murder but they will still need some help from you, to reveal a mystery that was buried for so many years.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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