Gone in the Dark

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One must be very intelligent person to deal with criminal cases. To dedicate your life in the promotion of human rights, of helping the weak people who need help. Unfortunately, the world is not at all a safe place to be and criminal minds and actions are all around us. Those who know how to solve important cases gain all the credits. They help the people in need to go back to life and go on.Unfortunately, serial killers are still actual thing today. Those crazy minds who are ready to take other people\'s lives just because they don\'t like them or are girls or some thought came to them. Brian, Gary and Olivia are three detectives who are dedicated to the mysterious case of the serial killer who few years already inseminates fear over the local people.They have followed his traces until one moment when in a small suburb a suspicious person is being lost in the dark. Now few evidences should be found that will help him locate the suspicious face. It is time to put your detective shoes on and try to help this important investigation. We are sure you will enjoy the game.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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