Catering Company

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If you believe that artists are only those people who write, act, paint beautifully, than you are mistaking. There is one special art what well crafted people among knives and pots and forks create it. Yes, you guess that those are the chefs! They are masters of food decorating, food experimenting and delivering unforgettable tastes to gourmands. For those of you who enjoy good food, wine and dinner enjoyment, we believe your respect toward these masters is enormous.People today don\'t really have a lot of time to spend on cooking and preparing snacks for guests and for feasts, and when someone does these things and you can pay for that, than you should surely use that and enjoy the party.Donna loves cooking. Few days ago she has started catering campaign. Her first order she needs to create today is her mission for the day and that makes Donna be excited. She needs help and our player is her assistant. They will all have to find all the needed objects and products for today meal. It is time for some culinary mood. If you are not the best lady in the kitchen, than you can even learn some craft by helping Donna. Good luck!

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