Unknown Victim

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Detective Louis comes to the place where was found unconscious man\'s body. Louis has been looking for some traces at the place and looking for some personal belongings of the victim, but he couldn\'t find anything, not even his documents. The person is unconscious, so detective Louis can\'t even discover the identity of the man. What has happened to him and why is he unconscious? Did someone harm him or did he simply fade out because of some health condition? To move the situation forward, Louis likes to find out what preceded the case and why is this man unconscious, but first of all, he would like to find out who is this man?! Let\'s cooperate with detective Louis and help him find some pieces of evidence that could help with this complicated case. Who is this man that lies on the ground without any documents? We are about to discover very soon if we work hard together with our detective, so let\'s start right away. Let\'s hope that the man will wake up soon, but it will be useful to find out who this man is and what has happened here.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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