Curse of the Gods

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When we talk about the Egyptian curse, we usually think of the curse of the Pharaohs or the mummy\'s curse. It is about a curse assumed to be cast upon anyone who bothers the mummy of an ancient Egyptian, especially a Pharaoh. This curse, is claimed to cause bad luck, illness, or even death. But let’s see if it is about the same curse or something else in the case of Darwish and his sister.The Egyptian Darwish and his sister Henet are determined to break the curse of the Egyptian Gods. This curse is cast on their family and it is haunting them for centuries. They are tired from this curse and they like to put an end. It seems that this curse lasts since forever, and if they don’t stop it, their family will continue to be followed by bad luck.Let’s see what has to be done in order to help Darwish and his sister Henet to find the objects that are needed for stopping the Gods. We still have a part in this interesting Egyptian adventure, traveling through the beauties of Egypt and dealing with something new.

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