Exotic Island

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When a new love is about to happen, who could resist? One can show off a little bit, pretend that nothing is happening around, but, still, if being honest, than, you should go with the flow. But usually, those who pretend emotions and want to prolong the meetings, the thing to simply happen, those are the people who are sorry later. And isn\'t the beginning of a nice love affair the perfect breeze? When the two in love see the world with those blinded eyes and opened souls.You surely can guess that today we are offering you a romantic game, one that will take to an exotic island. Today you can find Karen on the island of her dreams. She has always wanted to visit this exotic island and Karen decided that she would come to this place escorted with Frank. This man is an owner of an exclusive spa center in this island and he is madly in love with Karen.She, herself, doesn\'t hide her emotions for Frank. It is very possible that on this wonderful island new love will be born. We are here to find out.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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