Desert Island

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Following maps and looking for hidden treasure is something that all pirates did. Or initially they found those treasures in other boats, or let\'s say steal it from other boats. After that, they looked for a place where they could hide that treasure and usually that place was some island far away or some place that seems like no one has passed there before. And sometimes, they forget about that place even if they have a map.Other times something happens to the pirates and the treasure stays on the place for so many years until some lucky guy finds the map or simply finds the concrete place and gets the treasure.Barbara and Kenneth after few months of searching through the island of the captain Murel have finally managed to find the Desert island, somewhere far in the Pacific Ocean. They believe that on this island the Captain had hidden a lot of valuable objects and golden coins, so they are at the place, walking around and exploring the environment. It is time to start searching the island and find the hidden treasure.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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