Cant Check Out

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Wow, it’s been rather intense at work for Amanda these days. Almost every day she thought about a vacation, or at least a free weekend spent somewhere far away, that will give her relaxation after so much work. And she could not believe when she suddenly received a free coupon at a five-star hotel for a weekend. Since she had been working so hard, she thought that she deserves a small vacation so she went there.Upon arriving at the location, Amanda saw only a ruined hotel. Naturally, she thought she was at the wrong address but she still entered to ask. However, the sight that she saw in the hotel was quite unusual. Namely, the only occupant of the hotel is the receptionist Christopher. It seems like he is tormented by a cursed hotel.All of a sudden, Amanda realizes that the doors and windows are closed and she is stuck inside. The only one that could help her escape is that strange receptionist Christopher and of course we are here. Let’s see what is going on and help Amanda escape this situation.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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