Priceless Discovery

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Frank Brown was one of the greatest artists of today. This painter was well known and appreciated in his profession, so his name will continue to be mentioned as a synonym for his talents and his great technique. But he is not the only one with a talent in his family. His granddaughter Victoria is also a painter, a good one.She has inherited his talent but also she listened to him, every time when he was giving her advices about art. Victoria has lost her grandfather and before he dies, he gave her something special.Frank Brown had a secret atelier and before he died, he gave the keys of the atelier to Victoria. Victoria has never entered into the secret atelier so far. Today, she decided that it is time to visit the atelier for the first time, after grandfather’s dead.We are also here with Victoria, so let’s see what is hiding in this special place. Maybe she will discover some of his works of art that have never been seen in public? Well, that will be a huge discovery and something very important for the art in general. Let’s sneak into the artist’s atelier and see what is hiding there.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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