Notes from Fantasy Forest

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When you want to achieve something you would do anything to be the best in it and to get to it as soon as possible. But, the best way of being good in something is to be professional, to dedicate your life in the ideal you believe.It is the story with other creatures, no matter if they are real or the fantasy has created them. It is the case with the main character of today\'s game. The fair lady Joyce has found out that she is not the only one of her kind that there exist where she lives.The fairy Joyce has a mission to go on a visit of a fantasy forest. She has always wanted to visit this place because the legend says that the other side of the forest has other fairies that are pretty similar to her. Curiosity is always something that make us go deeper into things, that way we get to learn more about ourselves. Joyce wants to get close to other fairies, but before she does that, she will have to finish few task. She has an important goal to get closer to her kind and see if she is really that similar to them.

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