To Trap a Thief

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So, there are thieves that go for everything, without choosing what they steal, as long as they find something valuable, money, gold, jewelry, works of art and so on. The three detectives Sarah, Karen and Andrew are detectives who chase for the thieves that steal valuable old objects and golden coins for a very long period of time. Those thieves have a very particular way of working. They actually present themselves to be someone else on the phone and that’s how the actual robbery starts. They present themselves as potential buyers of the antiques and they ask from them to leave the valuable objects and the golden coins in one abandoned summer house. Once they leave the objects there, it’s hard to believe that they will get them back just like that.And maybe the thieves make tricks to attract the victims but now the three detectives will try to trick the robbers. Namely, they have a plan to set a trap for the thieves and catch them. let’s see if this plan is good and will they really catch the thieves.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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