Purse Snatcher

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Criminals operate in different places, in different ways. And sometimes, when we do the things that we do every day and we feel like everything is safe and predictable, some petty thief can ruin our day. There have been many reports about someone who is robbing the bags of women who are waiting at the bus station. This purse snatcher also operates in the buses, so those women don\'t feel safe to drive in the bus, even though it is necessary. The detective Kimberly, together with the police officers Mark and Betty, arrive at one of the bus stations from the city bus transport. They are here because of the reports about the robberies. Their task is to find out who is the purse snatcher. Is it about one single criminal, or maybe there is a whole group of people operating at the bus stations? The professionals are on their way to discovering that. Let\'s see what is going on at the bus stations and try to help detective Kimberly and the police officers solve the case about the purse snatcher.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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