Princess Mansion

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Get a rare insight into a princess private palace as it undergoes renovation work! Yeah, no big deal, princess Nicole is turning 21 so her father, the king, decided to present an enormous palace as a birthday gift for his girl. No matter how far we roam, families are a touchstone.In fact, this palace was originally built as a wedding anniversary present from Nicole\'s great-grandfather to her great-grandmother. Today, the knights Laura and Frank are accompanying the princess Nicole while visiting her new palace. She wants to renovate it according to her taste, so she can turn this place into her new home.Parts of the façade and the housing are in a poor condition. Renovation including paintings, porcelain, tapestries and furniture, will be organised as part of the very expensive refurbishment. She is absolutely convinced that by making this investment in the palace will make everyone\'s lives happier. But, in order for the renovation to be carried out she must find all the hidden items lying around and inside the palace.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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