Farm Rules

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It is not a bad thing not to know how something should be done, but the courage is needed for a person to ask someone who knows, how something should be done. How, on the other hand, we are going to learn new things and step forward? I don\'t know something, but I know someone who knows someone. Because, that is that friends are for, isn\'t it?Sometimes the will to do something is better than the believing \'I won\'t do something because I don\'t know how to achieve that\'. Today we are dealing with such person. Hellen is a young lady who loves nature and wants to spend time outside. She decided that she wants to help her aunt in her farming work.Hellen arrives at her aunts\' farm. She doesn\'t know much about farming, but her aunt categorically tells her that there are rules that must be followed if she wants to have successful and fertile year. If you are an open-minded person, than you will surely listen to your aunt if she wants to teach you about rules in the thing she does for her whole life. Maybe Hellen will love to continue those efforts and make the farm great again.

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