Ghostly Warning

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People have different talents. Some of us are good in mathematics, some love music, some are especially skilled in drawing, others in sports and so on. But also there are talents that are not that popular between people or with other words, talents that are very rare and are related to specific and unique things, like paranormal things for instance.Alice is a girl that has a special talent. She sees ghosts and lives with them. What does that mean? That means that for her, it is completely normal to function with the ghosts, like they are real people. One night, the ghosts have warned Alice that in one of the houses in her neighborhood there are proofs about one mysterious and still unsolved murder.This girl calls her friend, the detective Terry, to help her find the solution for this mystery, related to the murder. You will see that many times a special talent, like talking and communicating with ghosts, could be of an essential meaning for solving something serious like murder. Let\'s see how will the investigation function.

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