Cooking Perfection

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Betty is good in the kitchen, but she always wanted to improve her cooking skills and become better. She always wanted to learn the small secrets of the great cooking chefs, watched different cooking shows, searched the internet, but now she decided to take one more step. Betty started visiting a cooking course and she loves visiting those classes so much!After few months learning how to cook and visiting this course, Betty is finally at the very end. She is preparing for the last exam and thinks which recipe should she prepare in front of her cooking professor. She decided about the recipe, but first she wants to make this recipe at home. That way, she will be more prepared for the exam and she will feel more secure while she is doing it. And at home are the two main \'cooking chefs,\' Donald and Nancy.We are talking about Betty\'s children who will also help her prepare the recipe. Let\'s see what will Betty prepare, but also we could learn a lot from her, having in mind that she has just finished this amazing cooking course.

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