In Fathers Footsteps

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It is always a good idea to spend some time with the family. That is one of those activities that bring us closer to the ones we love. It is not important if we are helping each other with something or we are just hanging around, as long as we are together. Our today\'s character Lily decided to spend her time off work to visit her father. Her father Richard lives on a farm and she doesn\'t go there very often. A lot has changed there since she last came on the farm. Her father Richard wants to show her around and maybe involve her in some of his everyday activities. Lily is very excited because she will do something new, something that she doesn\'t do every day. She will be with her father and she will help him in his everyday duties.We can also visit the farm together with Lily and her father Richard and see how does a day on the farm look like. We can also help them in their everyday activities and enjoy nature in this beautiful place. This visit will be a nice refresh for all of us, so let\'s start our journey.

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