Beautiful Hideaway

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Melisa, together with her fiancé, is on a vacation in the place that is actually their most beautiful romantic hideaway. It is about a small maritime town, located in the south part of the country. It doesn\'t matter if it is really the most beautiful town, or is the most beautiful place just for them, as long as they make wonderful memories there. The best moments in their lives happened there, and they are happy to come there, over and over again. The feeling they have when they come to the place is a feeling of calmness and security, which makes it a perfect place for relaxation and filling batteries. Today, Melisa and her fiancé came to their favorite place, so she decided to take a walk through its streets right away. The streets are wonderful because the whole surroundings of the place are great, so Melisa walks, remembering the great days spent here.Let\'s go on a walk together with Melisa and find out what is so special about that place. Maybe, we will decide to visit the place in real someday.

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