The New Baker

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In the center of the city, there is this wonderful and well-known bakery that is visited every day by numerous people. The location of the bakery is perfect. So many people pass there every day, but the quality of the products is the factor that brings people back, again and again, willing to taste those amazing products. However, the bakery had to change the baker which is a risky step when it comes to the trust of the customers, based on a long tradition. Timothy is the new baker. He is very good at his job, that\'s why he was chosen for the position, but still, this is his first day at work. We hope he will handle the situation well and show the best of himself. Now, since this is Timothy\'s first day at work, let\'s help him start the working day, without too much stress or so. That way he will show himself in the right light, his best light. Besides that, we will have a chance to find out how does a working day in the bakery look like, so let\'s find out right away.

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