Culinary Romance

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A contemporary young women, who are in love with life and cooking, plan a seductive meal for their beloved partners. There are about 600 reasons why food is everything, and now we are witnessing another big reason to believe this. There is a very close correlation between a men\'s appetite and romantic desire and our Melissa,Emily and Rebecca know this really well.That crazy thing we call love is perhaps one of the most studied and least understood areas in psychology. Romance fans will agree that food and love make a delicious recipe together! Melissa, Emily and Rebecca are three friends that are in a healthy, satisfying, loving long term relationship. They have done everything, but until today they have never before prepared a romantic dinner for their partners.They hope that their curiosity and love of food will take them and their partners to new and exciting places in their relationship. They are really good in the kitchen and want to show their partners their magic. They are preparing a really delicious recipe today and they need our help to make their partners so happy they might even cry.

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