Magic Castle

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The sickness of our close ones is something that makes us feel terrible, especially if we realize that we are not able to do anything to help them. Sometimes, we may try, but everything is far from our reach, while sometimes we may not even realize that we have that power that lies in something that seems small and insignificant, but it surely means a lot for the one that needs help.Amari and Elysia are the king\'s daughters. The king is very sick and there is one single thing in the whole world that could help him. The only remedies for his sickness are the magical objects that are hidden somewhere in the magic castle. The two daughters, who are seriously worried about the condition of their father, have decided to visit the magic castle and search for those objects on their own. Let\'s see what will this adventure bring to those two girls. Will they find the magical objects easily, or they will have to face some unusual things on their way? Let\'s help the king\'s daughters find what they are looking for, so they could help their father be healthy again.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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