Mysterious River

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Can a water be haunted or saturated with a sinister energy that we cannot comprehend and which may or may not have some sentience of its own. It may seem like a rather far out notion, and perhaps it is, but there is certainly one mysterious river that has a definite air of bizarreness and definitely something is not quite right there.It is a river where exactly 10 years ago a boy was pushed in the waters by a powerful force and almost drowned. Christopher never imagined that something will go bad when he played alongside the river bank. He played on the stones near the river when he was pushed in the water by something he ca not explain. The force quickly pushed him down the river. He believes that dark energy, a mysterious invisible force played a role.Since that day Christopher is constantly remembering and replaying this event in his head. Today he is arriving at the mysterious river for the first time after the incident. But this night he is determined to find out what kind of mysterious force pushed him in the water 10 years ago.

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