Fishing Class

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You have to have certain skills and knowledge if you like to be a good fisherman. You are entering into a whole new world - the world of the fishes, where there are different rules. You have to get into the essence of the aquatic world, and then expect to have a good catch. You can learn from your own experience but also you can get some help from the professionals who will teach you how to practice this hobby right.James and Karen are fishing instructors who have a lot of experience. They have taught many fishermen about the basics of catching fish by traveling to lakes and rivers. At these places, James and Karen are demonstrating various fishing techniques to their students. This time will have a class of eight participants The class is about to begin but since they have such a big group, some unexpected things might happen. James and Karen seem to have lost some of their equipment and they must find it before their class begins. Let\'s search around together and find the equipment before the students come.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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